Obscure Occurrences : The Mysterious Case of Baby Alyoshenka || An Alien?

 On an eerily quiet night in the May of 1996, an elderly woman named Tamara Vasilyevna Prosvirina was walking through the woods surrounding Kaolinovy, a small town in Russia, when a strange sound caught her attention. She followed the sound thinking it could be a trapped animal but as she got closer and closer, the sound seemed to be the cries of an injured child. The sound led her to a “baby lying in the debris of the town’s rubbish dump”. Without giving it a second thought, Tamara lifted the baby, wrapped it in a blanket and took it to her apartment where she decided to raise the child herself.

 Two days later, when Tamara was visited by her daughter-in-law who was also named Tamara, she suggested that they feed the baby together. The younger woman was surprised by this proposal as her mother-in-law hadn’t disclosed anything about having a baby until that point but she obliged. When she entered Tamara Vasilyevna’s bedroom, she was unsettled by what she witnessed. In line with her statement, she saw an infant that looked too small to be a newborn baby. It had hard, elongated structures on its head which were twice as big as the rest of its body.

 The baby’s eyes moved back and forth at an abnormal speed and they were much larger than those found in a normal baby. Also, the pupils widened and elongated similar to a cat’s eye. To add to the oddity, the baby had long arms and fingers, lacked genitalia and eyelids, and instead of a movable mouth, it had a small hole which it used to suck its food. Inside this strange hole were two sharp teeth and a long cherry-red tongue. These features made Tamara Junior conclude that the baby “was not from this planet”. When she asked her mother-in-law what the bay’s name was, she told her that she had named it Alyoshenka.

Alyoshenka's Death

 In the days that followed, Tamara’s neighbours started noticing the newly found strangeness in the behaviour of Tamara who went around the neighbourhood cheerfully claiming that she had a new baby. When they asked her to disclose more details about her baby, she became “erratic” and “evasive”.

 One night, one of Tamara’s neighbours was startled by loud bangs on her door. When she opened the door, she found the pale and petrified face of Tamara who claimed that her baby was ill and she had no medicine to treat him. Distressed by her behaviour, her neighbours called the local police who took her into protective custody and against her will, carried her off to a nearby hospital for medical evaluation.

 Tamara’s family members and neighbours believed that she was suffering from the early stages of a mental disorder and as a result, despite her continual claims of having a baby, she was never taken seriously by anybody in the town. With Tamara no longer around, Alyoshenka, who was left all alone in the apartment, eventually died of starvation. The subsequent events handed the mystery over to the hands of police officer Vladimir Bendlin.

Discovery of Alyoshenka's Body

 Bendlin was called to a police station in a nearby town to question a man named Vladimir Nurdinov who had been detained due to his connections with a power cable theft. The petty thief told Bendlin that he had a dead baby in his possession and he asked the police officer to take it from him as it served him no purpose. Bendlin went to Nurdinov’s apartment to take a look at the dead infant but what he found was “the dried up, mummified remains of a small child”. The apparent infant’s head had darkened spots all over it, its greyish body lacked any traces of hair and it was less than ten inches in height.

Alyoshenka Alyoshenka's Body (Left) and Tamara Junior (Right)
Alyoshenka's Body (Left) and Tamara Junior (Right) Source: Quest TV

 Supposedly, Nurdinov had frequented Tamara’s apartment as he was her friend but when she was detained, he had apparently been out of town. When he finally returned, he found Alyoshenka who was longer alive. After discovering the infant’s remains, he had taken it to his apartment and mummified them.

 Bendlin took Alyoshenka’s body away from Nurdinov and had it analyzed in hopes of finding someone related to it but unbeknownst to him, he was in for a surprise.

Initial Analysis 

 After testing the infant’s body, Doctor Lyubov Romanowa, a renowned forensic analyst and clinical expert, claimed that her tests showed signs that the Alyoshenka’s body and skin “were not of a regular child, but something altogether alien”. She proceeded to describe numerous features in the infant’s body that was impossible for even a severely deformed child to have.

 According to Lyubov, the infant’s skull was made up of only four bones, it showed unnatural elongation and the cranial cavity was extremely pointed and sharp. Also, the body was far too short to naturally support its comparatively huge head. Due to these characteristics, she told Bendlin that Alyoshenka did not seem to be a human.

Mysterious Disappearance of Alyoshenka's Body

 Soon afterwards, rumours about Tamara having raised an alien baby commenced. Soon, it caught the attention of local media which resulted in the creation of video footage of Alyoshenka’s mummified body. With no one having a clear idea of what it was, media attention exponentially increased and it caused an increase in the number of UFO experts who tried to get a glimpse of Alyoshenka’s body. One of these experts was Baris Zolotov who took the mummified body from Bendlin claiming that he wanted to conduct further testing on the body. With hopes of a definitive answer, Bendlin waited for the results to arrive, but he never got them. Also, Zolotov was nowhere to be found.

 Months later, when Zolotov was finally located, he gave a bizarre interview regarding Alyoshenka’s body. In line with his statement, when one of his assistants was taking the infant’s mummified body to a lab in another town, a large metallic craft appeared out of nowhere and landed in front of her car. The craft’s occupants had apparently taken the body from her and flown the craft away. When asked to identify the area where the aircraft apparently appeared, Zolotov said he couldn’t trace it. He also refused further discussions about the matter. If not for the lack of credence, it could have been concluded that Alyoshenka was taken back by his own people.

 Some researchers theorize that government agents had intercepted Zolotov and taken Alyoshenka’s body from him. A supposed eyewitness even claimed that he had been visited by an unknown group of people who claimed to be investigators. They had apparently urged him to sign confidentiality papers and warned to not to speak anything of the body again. There is also a popular theory that Zolotov sold Alyoshenka’s body to an eccentric collector but all these theories are nothing but speculations. The only thing that is certainly known is the fact that Alyoshenka's body was never seen again.


 When Bendlin thought that he had no more leads in the case to work with, a woman approached him in 1997. She claimed that the original shawl Tamara had used to wrap the baby was in her possession. She told him that she had kept it hidden throughout the media frenzy and offered to give it to him if he promised a serious investigation. After Bendlin gave his word, the woman handed over the shawl to him. After confirming with Tamara Junior that it was the same shawl her mother-in-law had used to wrap Alyoshenka, he sent it to the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics in Moscow. What followed were several years of persistent research but eventually, the results came back inconclusive.

 With findings of organic material mixed with human DNA and female blood matter in the shawl, the result showed no indications of extraterrestrial involvement. Thus, researchers concluded that Alyoshenka was nothing but an underdeveloped foetus. According to Dr Irina, Alyoshenka could have been a miscarried foetus whose body could have been deformed due to the radioactive fallout which had greatly affected Kyshtym following the Kysthym disaster, the third-worst nuclear incident. She strongly believed that Alyoshenka had been born prematurely and its mother had abandoned it in the forest before Tamara found it.

 However, Doctor Lyubov Romanowa strongly disagreed with this theory. According to her, Alyoshenka was “not of human origin” and at least twenty of its features were not found even in severely deformed children. She insisted that prematurely birthed human foetuses could not live more than a few hours without medical assistance but Alyoshenka had lived for several weeks.

 Apart from solidifying the fact that Alyoshenka had lived for several weeks, Tamara Junior’s testimony also confirmed that the baby was able to consume food, specifically cottage cheese, which is an impossibility for a newly born human infant. Thus, it challenges the claims of Alyoshenka being an underdeveloped foetus.

 One night in the September of 1999, Tamara tried escaping the institution in which she was being treated for schizophrenia. When she successfully exited the facility and reached the wooden road outside the facility, a speeding car appeared suddenly out of the darkness, ran over Tamara and killed her in what appeared to be an intentional hit-and-run. With surfacing reports claiming that Tamara would have been placed under hypnosis to recount her entire experience if she had not died, conspiracy theorists suggest that there could be more to her death.


 What was Alyoshenka? Was it truly an underdeveloped foetus or an alien infant who was lovingly taken in by an elderly woman on the onset of acute schizophrenia? What happened to its mummified body? Did the Russian government really try to brush the case under the carpet? Unfortunately, we only have more questions than answers.

 Subjected to a lot of scepticism, the case also has an equal amount of credibility. The only thing that is agreed by everyone is the fact that Tamara, an unfortunate old woman who was on the brink of succumbing to a mental disorder, found a crying infant in the woods, raised it as her own and dearly loved it until its unfortunate death.